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Create electronic work instructions, document critical information & build collaborative content that is easily edited in real time and quickly accessible anywhere. 



Mr. Narrative is an online platform and application that allows your organization to quickly and easily create electronic work instructions that are readily available to share with others and are easily edited on the go for continuing accuracy. The process is as easy as snapping a picture, adding text and other annotations and clicking save!

The benefits of electronic work instructions are plentiful, and you can read about some of those benefits in our blog!

Check out all the features below!

Mr. Narrative home screen on an iPad

Features & Highlights

Mr. Narrative is constantly evolving based on feedback. Each feature has been developed out of a need from one of our valued customers.

Why Mr. Narrative
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The powerful search function allows users to use keywords to quickly and easily sift through content and find exactly what they are looking for.


Links allow the user to quickly access other information by connecting to any book, chapter or page or to any other content that is accessible from the users web browser such as external videos and websites.

Version control

All changes to books, chapters and pages are recorded and updated in real time, giving you the ability to refer to previous version as required. All content changes are fully tracked with a detailed audit trails. All previous versions can be viewed for audit purposes.

ISO Approved workflow

Publish content as it is created or require it to be submitted for approval. The moderation feature can be enabled at the library or book level, requiring all content to be submitted for review and approval prior to being published.



Users can export any chapter as a PDF file, or send a 'view only' link to people without user accounts, allowing them to view the content instantly, from anywhere! Share URLs are only valid for a brief period of time, configurable in your site administration panel!


Customized annotations allow the content creator to easily add notes and graphics to their pages. By adding arrows, boxes, circles and text the user can draw attention to the parts of the photo that are relevant.

customized templates

Create custom templates to reduce content creation time and organize the information you need with the consistency you demand. Your entire team can then use these templates to ensure all content remains consistent for years to come!

draft mode

Draft mode allows you to create or update content without your work being visible to others until it is accurate and complete. This feature allows you to work, and re-work your documents, before they will be visible to other users.

V.Wilson, QA Supervisor

Harvan Manufacturing Ltd

We use Mr. Narrative as a central tool for our company.  It stores any information which we need to disseminate quickly.  We use it as a quality tool to document problems or things to watch out for, we use it to keep track of the storage locations for our tooling, it aids in our health and safety committee’s monthly audits and most importantly we use it to keep track of and remember how to set up and run different parts throughout the shop.  It also aids in training new employees.  Since the implementation of Mr. Narrative we have seen a 40% reduction in quality issues in the organization.

C.Robertson, Owner

Synergy MouldWorks

we use Narrative predominantly in the production moulding end of our business to document & refer back to things like mould setup parameters, process parameters, packaging instructions, QC checks, resin information etc.  We also document the trials/testing of all newly built moulds.  We than have a record of the process parameters used for these tests & we can easily share this with our customers, giving them a baseline to which they can develop their own process once the mould is received.  We also document the issue that arise in testing & what the action plan is to address the issues – this comes in handy for SRED time.

We also use narrative to document mould servicing/inspections.  The toolmakers take pictures of & note their findings when a mould comes in for service or repairs– this gives us a record of when the mould was here, what we noted, what was done & this can be shared with the customer as well so its nice value added.




Check out  our support videos to learn how Mr. Narrative can work for you!

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