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5 Tips to Help With Your Mr. Narrative Implementation

From Polaroid pictures to Microsoft Word documents, our customers have come a long way in how they document and distribute instructions and knowledge within their facilities. Making a change to an electronic platform is not a process that's going to happen overnight. It does take time and effort to bring the platform to a place of value, but waiting to make the change is not going to be beneficial to your operation either. The longer you wait, the more you run the risk of losing valuable knowledge as your senior staff hits that golden age of retirement.

Implementation is always a hot topic when we show our Mr. Narrative platform to potential customers. The idea of documenting their entire operation can seem overwhelming and many just don’t know where to start. The best way to make the process as seamless as possible is to develop a strong rollout plan. We have put together a list of ideas you can use to help build your implementation plan.

1) Summer is coming! Take this opportunity to hire a summer student or coop to lead the charge and have them work alongside different senior staff. This gives them the opportunity to learn about all different areas of the business in a very hands on way, and takes the task of documenting the process away from the senior staff, who will only need to check the instructions for accuracy. 2) Use Mr. Narrative as a training tool for new hires and have them build Narratives as part of their onboarding. This will help to get the initial Narratives built and can test the accuracy of the trainees knowledge. If correct, these Narratives can be published into your company’s knowledge bank for future reference.

3) Start small and expand. Pick a corner of the factory and go from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your electronic knowledge bank doesn’t need to be either. Commit the time that is needed to build instructions for every aspect of your operation, but understand, that time might be months, even years, but if you never start, you will never finish! 4) Build a champion team to work on it until it's ready, and then roll it out to the rest of your operation once it’s completed. Your management team will likely see and understand the benefits first, so choosing some of these individuals to lead the charge is a great option. Change is always easier when it comes from the top down, and implementing electronic systems into your operation requires a bit of a culture change.

5) Hire a team to help you train your staff and implement the system. This is something new that Invaware is currently developing. We have been working with software training specialists to build a program to offer our customers in order to help them take on the task of documenting their operation electronically. If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to contact

No matter how you choose to proceed, documenting years of knowledge and information about your company is going to be time consuming, but as mentioned, well worth it. The benefit of providing your workforce with a level of independence will pay for your platform time and time again.

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