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Getting Started with Narrative

Login credentials in hand, you’re ready to start enjoying all the benefits of Narrative, but where and how do you begin? Don’t worry – building your first electronic work instruction or document inside of the Narrative document management system is a breeze. It’s just three simple steps repeated every time you want to start a new project or topic. Once you have done it a couple of times, we’re convinced you could do it with your eyes closed! (Although we don’t recommend it!)

Easy as ABC: 3 Steps To Get Started with Narrative

Step 1: Create A Book

Once you’ve logged in and entered the homepage, start by creating a book (simply click the button and add a title and description). A book is where you can store all the information for machinery, equipment, or a particular process that you would like your staff to follow. Every book has its own topic and all books together form a library.

Step 2: Create A Chapter

Let’s say you’ve created your book, for example a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for a machine, you can start on the contents inside this book by adding a chapter. After clicking “add chapter”, you can choose from a number of prepopulated templates which make the initial set-up of that chapter much simpler. Examples of chapters typically included in SOP books, are a maintenance chapter, safety chapter, or training chapter. Of course, you can add however many chapters you need to suit the requirements of your company.

Step 3: Create A Page

As you may expect, each chapter is in turn made up of pages. By filling out the questions on the template, you add the actual contents, i.e. details, to the pages. Simply upload images, videos, PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoints. You can even link to other pages inside Narrative as well as files not hosted within Narrative at all (like training videos on YouTube).

Hit save after each step and you’re done! Yes, it’s thàt simple: A, B, C – Book, Chapter, Page.

Once added, everything can be shared with the built-in QR code generator or URL links that you can email out.

Happy creating!


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