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How to Track Content Changes in Narrative (Content Version Tracking)

Watch the brief video below for a quick overview of how Narrative's version tracking feature can help you:

  1. Recover accidentally deleted files

  2. Eliminate confusion over the current version of electronic information

  3. Roll-back processes and procedures if needed

Change Happens

When you first add content to Narrative (like electronic work instructions, training materials, or SOPs) it’s as easy as uploading material (documents, videos, PDFs, etc.) into pre-existing templates tailored for your organization. These items are then readily available on whatever web-enabled device you provide to your staff.

Now, those staff will be using that content day in and day out while they do their jobs. Inevitably, changes to that content will be required—it will become outdated or need adjustment, or, perhaps you purchase a new machine or piece of equipment that needs to now be added to a process, etc.

Now what?

With Narrative, you can set user permissions that either allow anyone to edit the current version of a piece of content and have it go live straight away, or, that collect suggested revisions from staff and then forward those items off to an individual (or group of individuals) for approval.


"[With Narrative] we have seen a 40% reduction in quality issues in the organization." - V.Wilson, QA Supervisor, Harvan Manufacturing Ltd


Version History Matters to You

But don’t fret! With Narrative’s version control, all content changes are fully tracked with a detailed audit trail.

There’s no need to worry about mistakes in your updates or old versions disappearing—all changes to books, chapters, and pages are recorded, giving you the ability to refer (or even revert) to previous versions. (Each modification is associated with a timestamp and the author making the edits.)

This allows anyone to compare changes over time, see who last made a revision, who introduced a specific item and when, and much more. (A lot of this information is listed on the summary view for your content, meaning you can see it without opening the material. See the accompanying photo.)


Ready to get started? Narrative, our electronic information collection and sharing tool, can help you. Contact us to learn how we can help improve your operations by 40%.

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