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Image-Based Inspections for Peace of Mind

Ensuring a safe work environment starts and ends with thorough, accurate, and effective inspections.

Safe-D’s image-based inspection builder provides your workforce with a quick and easy way to log all types of hazards, incidents, and near misses – all in one place. It provides a precise, yet time-saving way to ultimately help make sure that the entire workforce goes home safely at the end of the day.

Too Good to Be True? Sounds great, but how do you know for certain that your staff have actually completed the training, or followed all inspection steps? Inside Safe-D the answer is simple: no picture means no verification, and no verification means incomplete.

Safe-D requires images for verification during the inspection process to ensure there is a clear record of the action taken at that time. In other words, your employees have to take photos and can't move ahead in the inspection process before they take those pictures.

This built-in feature makes it impossible to proceed and complete an inspection without following all steps and verifying all information along the way. On top of that, legal compliance is ensured by completing all inspections with a digital signature.

Quit Chasing People Still worried that you have to chase down employees to start inspections? With Safe-D, you can schedule alerts to ensure inspections are completed on time. Automatic notifications can be sent to supervisors when inspections aren’t on track to decrease the likelihood of missed workplace inspections.

Also, the ability to work offline ensures all inspections can be started and completed – no matter the strength of your shop floor’s internet connection. Simply sync the app once a stable connection is established to upload inspections.


Interested in learning more about how Safe-D can provide peace of mind for you and your business? Contact us to learn how Safe-D can help you.

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