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Increase Employee Accuracy With Mr. Narrative

Mr. Narrative eliminates the piles of binders with a simple user-friendly software program that acts as a personal “Google” for your company. All work instructions are now created on your personal Mr. Narrative website. All instructions are created by the employees that do the job every day and approved by a manager to ensure they are correct. This ensures that all training is consistent. Employees are now trained in a hands-on working environment. They can search for all their procedures on a device right at their workstation, without having to find a manager when they need to ask a question.

Not only will Mr. Narrative improve your training for new employees but it will also improve the accuracy of current employees as well. All employees can now double-check instructions before performing tasks. This ensures that tasks are being performed the same way every time by all employees.

Pictures play a huge role in improving the accuracy of instructions. Any question can be quickly and easily answered in pictures, allowing everyone to be on the same page with the instructions. Time will no longer be wasted trying to find the right manager to answer a question or trying to figure out what the written steps are asking for.

Mr. Narrative will ensure that all your employees are on the same page, which will increase employee accuracy.

Check out this link to meet Mr. Narrative and start creating your database today:

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