Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your People

Ensure a safe work environment for your employees and protect your business by creating clear, thorough and accurate safety inspections with Safe-D Solutions's image based inspection builder. Inspect machines, environments & equipment to identify health and safety hazards immediately. Check out some of the top features below! 


Image Based Inspections for Piece of Mind

Build health & safety inspections for machines, equipment and environments using reference images, and require images for verification during the inspection process to make sure everything was completed properly. 

Generate and print QR codes to attach to machines and equipment for quick access to relevant safety information and inspections.

Schedule alerts to ensure inspections are completed on time, and send notifications to supervisors when they are not to decrease the likelihood of missed safety inspections. 

The ability to work offline ensures all inspections can be completed, no matter the strength of your shop floor connections. Simply sync the app once a stable connection is established to upload inspections.

Ensure legal compliance by completing all inspections with a digital signature.


 Health & Safety Reporting in One Place

Provide your workforce with a quick and easy way to log hazards, incidents and near misses all in one place.  Turn this data into custom reports based on your KPIs to help reduce risks and lower incident rates.

Store All Your SDS Electronically

Build your SDS binder digitally with
Safe-D-Solution!  Organized by categories and fully searchable, upload your SDS PDFs for quick and easy access from any device.



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