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Mr. Narrative Improves Customer ROI in Days!

Your company is always striving to increase productivity and ROI, and investment decisions are not to be taken lightly. One decision that you can ensure will show immediate return is investing in electronic work instructions.

Here are four ways Mr. Narrative can increase your return.

Reduce Training Time

Welcome to the new way of training: record once, and repeat forever. All important work instructions will now be stored in a user-friendly, searchable database. You don’t have to train your employees in ‘How to Use Google’ - they can already do that. Avoid spending time sitting in a boardroom and get your employees on the floor, learning their new positions in a hands-on way. All the answers they need will be one search away.

Reduce Scrap Rate

Managers will no longer lose sleep over high scrap rates. All employees will now be following the exact same work instructions, which have been approved by a manager. This will ensure that the steps are correct and will be performed the same way every time. You are giving your employees the tools they need to improve their accuracy, and in return, your scrap rate will drop over night.

Increase Enterprise Value

Your company owns its data. By creating a database for your company, you can add real value to this retained knowledge. If a long-term employee retires, you are no longer losing the knowledge they have. This knowledge can now be passed on to a new employee and remain within the company.

Improve Management

Mr. Narrative gives employees the confidence they need to perform all their tasks without having to stop and ask for permission or help. Mr. Narrative can be used as a communication tool for requests, such as safety, maintenance or vacation requests, all of which are stored with pictures and a timestamp. Management can spend more time on improving processes instead of explaining out-of-date processes or filling out paperwork.

Mr. Narrative makes it easy to see your company’s ROI. Request a free trial today:

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