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Why More Companies Are Turning to Image-Based Safety Inspections

Whether it is the products you produce, the services you provide, or the people you employ (including yourself!)—you likely require the completion of recurring safety inspections. Of course, these inspections are essential and whatever their purpose you want them to be clear, consistent, and accurate. This is just part of why more companies are considering the adoption of an image-based, electronic safety inspection application (similar to our Safe-D app).

Here are three more reasons why companies are turning their focus to the implementation of image-based safety inspections:

Images Create Accountability

The use of images inside a safety inspection creates a sense of accountability for you and your employees. With an electronic inspection app, like Safe-D, reference images must be included on every inspection. This creates a visual trail of proof which can be relied upon in the event of an audit. That means no trying to read someone’s handwriting, or scouring the company network for scans—everything you would need to hold the process accountable lives within the electronic inspection app. More and more companies are realizing the benefits this provides with regards to prohibiting anyone from cutting corners. And no cutting corners means fewer people placed at risk. Visual History of Safety Status As mentioned in the last point, using a digital, image-based safety app enables your organization to build a long-term paperless trail of safety inspections over time. This database exists within the app (or, like with Safe-D, you can export the data) and is searchable by keyword. This means no more second-guessing or trying to retrace steps after the fact: past safety performance is easy to find, with an image-based trail of proof alongside the text-based data input alongside them. After all, they do say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Error reduction Moving to an electronic safety inspection program helps to reduce errors overall. With Safe-D, you can easily generate and print QR codes to attach to machines and equipment for quick access to relevant safety information and inspections. Crucial information, accompanied with reference images, can be accessed in real-time – ensuring the proper steps are taken before mistakes occur. The point is, with a picture, you can convey so much more information than you can with words. Pictures allow us to read in between the lines – reducing misinterpretation and human errors.


Want to learn more about visual-based safety inspections? Contact us to learn how Safe-D can help you.

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